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Product review - Beta Dog Food

BetaBeta can be compared to Bakers as both brands are owned by the giant US soya company Purina.

There's now a range of Beta foods, including breed-specific varieties.

The main criticism of the product, even though it is balanced nutritionally, is that it seems very expensive compared to the many products on pet food shelves which contain more 'natural' ingredients.

So what do they say about their standard adult food?

"When your dog is fully grown, he will need a food that offers complete and balanced nutrients to help keep him in peak conditin. BETA® Adult with Chicken is 100% complete and balanced, containing all the ingredients he needs to help maintain his health and vitality.

"When your dog reaches adulthood, they will require a diet, which offers all the required nutrients to help keep them in top condition. Luckily, Beta Adult with Chicken & Rice is produced with highly digestible chicken protein and other quality ingredients to create a 100% complete and balanced food. This mixture of rice and other cereals provides your dog with the right amount of energy to ignite their curiosity for life. This diet contains healthy prebiotics, in the form of chicory, which helps to improve digestion. After feeding this food for more than thirty days, the beneficial bacteria, namely Bifidobacteria, will be multiplied by one hundred times, thus supporting your dog’s digestive system.

"This diet is very high in quality Chicken meat, which is a superb source source of protein.  This helps to increase muscle strength and generally improves body condition. Furthermore, this diet is also carefully balanced with wholegrain ingredients in the form of cereals, which are great for overall health and vitality. In addition, this diet is rich in rice, which is a great carbohydrate source, as it is both fast and slows digesting and provides energy throughout the day. Finally, this diet is made from two different sized kibbles, which have been carefully designed to encourage your dog to chew the food – which in-turn helps with nutrient absorption – whilst the two shape kibbles, reduce tartar by twenty one percent after twenty eight days."

Now compare the food below with a cheaper alternative, Gilpa Dr John, which has no such pretentions of grandeur!

Ask yourself the question, "Why pay 30 for a product that you could get for under 11"

If you like Beta you can get it at a good price online at and GJ Titmuss

Product Comparison

Gilpa Dr John Gold

Beta Adult Chicken & Rice

Dr John


Ingredients: Cereals, meat and animal derivatives (minimum 14% chicken), oils and fats, yeasts, milk and milk derivatives, oils and fats, minerals.  WIth EC permitted antioxidants



Cereals (wholegrain 20%), Meat and animal derivatives (meat 14%, chicken 4%), Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin (dried beet pulp 1.1%), Vegetables (dried chicory root 1.1%), Minerals

15kg bag - around 10.75
from GJW Titmuss

Expect to pay 31 for 14kg
(Check out Supermarket for good discounts)

So there you have it, a standard cereal based dog food product, which sells well despite the fact that it is twice the price of a basic brand like Dr John.

What more can we say except to praise their marketing?

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